Kung Fury | During my time at Fido I did look development for the dinosaur characters, including hi-res sculpting, texture painting, and shaders.

Perimeter | Personal project. Perimeter is a open-world exploration game where you unravel the mysteries of an ancient, forlorn land.

dot.EXE | Team project where I acted as art director. Besides managing and assigning tasks to the artists, I also worked with particle systems, shaders, post processing, modelling, and texturing.

20.000 Leagues Above the Clouds | During my time at That Brain
I created various assets such as buildings, bridges, rocks, and did some level design and set dressing. The game targets low-end computers as well as mobile devices.

Outdo you with Nike+ | Series of interactive commercials I worked on during my time at Bläck. I held a variety of responsibilities such a texturing, layout, and render management.

Personal project | Original concept by Alexander Thümler

Team Project | I acted as team leader and was additionally responsible for terrain, vegetation, and lighting.